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2024 CURE Flag

Stand strong with families battling childhood cancer this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month — and all year long. Buy or gift a 2024 CURE flag to display near the mailbox, on the front door, in a planter or in the yard. We’re excited to see thousands of flags vibrantly lining neighborhoods across the country to help cure childhood cancer for good.

  • Dimensions: 12 in x 18 in
  • Hanging mechanism not included. Poles sold separately.
  • Most 3 foot flag stands and poles should work with the CURE flag.
  • Can be shipped across the United States.


CURE Flags 2024 flag for homepage
Captain and Location Details
Captain: Afton Flaharty
Pickup Address: 2521 Stillwell Clyo Road,
Location Details: Picnic table under the carport
Pickup Instructions: Flags will be available for pick-up at house's carport. Please send a text to 912-661-0150 or a Facebook message to Captain before leaving. This will allow Captain to make your order available and to have the family's dogs put away. Thank you for donating to CURE!
Pickup Times: Any time during the week
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