Every flag funds a fighting chance.

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Every flag funds
a fighting chance.

Every flag funds a fighting chance.

CURE’s Flag program is a powerful initiative that invites the community to proudly display flags during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September and to keep them waving every day after.

Each flag you buy is a flag of hope, a symbol of support, and a direct contribution to childhood cancer research. With every flag sold, we’re not only raising money but also raising awareness for a cause that desperately needs our attention. Buy your flag now and show your community that you’ve joined the fight against childhood cancer.

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Buy a flag.
Be part of the cure.

This year alone, more than 17,000 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. These children are in urgent need of allies, as this is a battle no child should face alone. CURE Childhood Cancer is fighting the most aggressive and hard-to-treat types of cancers, and we are full of hope. Last year, more than $205,000 was raised one flag at a time to support CURE’s research initiatives. This research will bring safer, more effective cures, along with a fighting chance, to those who need it most. Now, it’s your turn to make an impact. Now, it’s your turn to make an impact.

Let’s stand together this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and all year long.

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Put your passion to work. Captains needed in the fight for a cure.

We love our Captains. You are the driving force behind our success and are truly the heart of our program. By stepping forward to become a Captain and rallying your community, you are not just supporting vital research. You are offering hope to families that there can be a future where every child has the chance to thrive.

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Turning inspiration into action.

Become a Captain today, and discover how quickly you can make a difference in your community and beyond.

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Responsibilities of flag Captains
CURE Flags Icon - Promote flag sales

Promote flag sales. Spread the word near and far using your Captain tool-kit, including a best-practice guide, e-flyer, QR code, social media graphics, copy templates, and more.

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Distribute flags. Pick up flags from the CURE office in August, and make a plan to distribute them. Out of state? Flag orders are shipped to you.

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Track sales. CURE provides a weekly sales report for flags purchased under your name.

Purchase your flag.

Find your local Captain to buy a flag and make an impact today.

Is there no Captain in your area? Become a Captain or order a flag and we’ll ship it to you!

Behind every statistic is a story.

A child who can now play outside, free from the confines of a hospital room; a teenager who celebrates remission by going to prom; a family that gets to plan for years ahead instead of days. This is the human impact of research. It’s about more than just survival—it’s about the quality of life for survivors, and reducing the long-term side effects of treatments that can follow children into adulthood.

Every flag purchased is a vote of confidence in the researchers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, where impact is measured by more than just advancements made in the lab. We see it in the smiles we bring back to children’s faces, the peace of mind we restore to parents, and the lives we reclaim from cancer’s grasp.

Together, we’re not just funding research; we’re healing families, strengthening communities, and forging a path to a cure.

Help us reach our goal.

Help us get a CURE flag and a Captain in all 50 states.

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How the flag campaign came to be.

The precursor to the garden flag was the famous gold bow, which began with two CURE supporters, Chris Glavine and Stephanie Shearer. They felt that children fighting cancer needed a vibrant visual reminder that they weren’t alone during September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. They also wanted to spotlight that children continue to suffer from cancer each year and need help.

So, they began affixing gold bows to mailboxes in their neighborhood. The idea caught on, and within a few short years, neighborhoods across Georgia and beyond tied on gold bow, too—and left them up year-round. To help with the production and delivery process, CURE introduced flags a few years ago, making them easier to obtain and distribute.

Today, the flags still serve as a powerful visual to show all that the community cares, and the flag program raises critical funds and support to impacted families near and far.

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