Flag Captains

Responsibilities and FAQs

The Role of a Flag Captain

Captains truly are the heart of CURE’s Flag program and the driving force behind its success. While this opportunity offers many ways to rally support for the cause, Captains have two primary responsibilities as the leader of the neighborhood group:

  • Promote Sales. As a Captain, you will actively promote sales of flags across your community and beyond. Supporting you every step of the way, CURE also provides a Captain tool kit featuring a best-practice guide, electronic flyer, QR code, social media graphics, copy templates and more.
  • Distribute Flags. You will pick up all flag orders placed from the CURE office beginning August 19th. Anyone who purchased flags under your name will pick-up at a time and place that works for you. This year, we have a goal of having Captains in all 50 states, so CURE will ship those flag orders to out-of-state Captains.

* Flag orders will be shipped to out-of-state captains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flags are $30. Flag pre-sales began July 15. Flags purchased from captains will be available for pick-up on the days and times the captain has designated. Those flags ordered for shipment will be delivered mid-August.

People in your designated “community” are the ones who purchased a flag and live within a five-mile radius from your location.

Captains must pick up all flags from the CURE office (Atlanta and Savannah) beginning August 19th.

CURE will send you a weekly sales report for all flags purchased under your name.

We love your enthusiasm! Just let us know and we will be happy to send reports as often as you want.

No. You are free to designate the times and locations for flag pick-up.  

All Captains will choose their own designated location and times for pick-up. For example, you might designate your garage, front porch, or neighborhood clubhouse. You could even choose a satellite location, like the Publix parking lot. Be sure to establish a window of time for pick-up.

Volunteer to be a Captain​

Designated Pick-Up Location Best Practices and Recommendations​

The more flexibility you offer within your window of pick-up, the more likely people are to buy flags from you. We understand that Captains have busy schedules and may need to limit or shift distribution at times. Before signing up to be a Captain, please determine your pick-up schedule. By sharing that up front, you and your flag buyers can ensure a smooth hand-off. 

Examples of pick-up schedules with varying levels of availability include:

GREAT Availability
• Flags will be available for pick-up from your back porch, Monday–Friday, at your convenience
• Flags will be available for pick-up from your garage daily, between 4–8 p.m.

GOOD Availability
• Flags will be available for pick-up from your garage Monday–Friday, between 4–8 p.m.
• Flags will be available for pick-up Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at your convenience

LIMITED Availability
• Flags will be available for pick-up from your back porch Monday, from 5–7 p.m.
• Flags will be available for pick-up from your garage on August 27, from 12–7 p.m.