United for a CURE

United for a CURE was founded in honor of three incredibly brave children: Mary Elizabeth, Melissa,and Lake. While to an outsider these children may have seemed unlikely friends, to those who knew them, their connection was crystal clear. You see, Mary Elizabeth, Melissa, and Lake not only shared a fiery spirit, but they also shared a battle against a monster of a disease: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

Three children. One diagnosis. One treatment protocol. Mary Elizabeth, Melissa and Lake bonded instantly in the hospital and brought together three families for a united circle of support. If determination and prayers were enough, these three precious children would still be with us today. But AML is a monster, and it took the lives of Mary Elizabeth, Melissa and Lake within months of one another in 2015. Despite the tragic loss, three times over, their stories inspired hundreds of thousands and forever ignited a fire within three families – three families United for a CURE.

All bow sales will go towards the United for a CURE Fund

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UFC Holiday Bow

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